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About Chaplain Marcus Allison:
I grew up in South Carolina. I was surrounded by animals throughout childhood with my three sisters, and two brothers, including a fraternal twin brother. Unfortunately not all of my experiences with pets were always positive. My first pet was a puppy I named Snoopy and he came down with distemper and had to be put to sleep. Then there was a wonderful sweet dog, a stray, I still hate that word stray, that we named Whitey he was a beautiful white collie mixture. I don't mean to speak ill of my parents at all because I dearly loved them and miss them so. They were afraid he might have rabies, yet these were the times that a lot of struggling families didn't use the veterinarians and so on a rainy Saturday the police came out to our home and shot and killed our beautiful Whitey then threw him like garbage in the trash trunk. I never have recovered from that and this is the first time I've written of it. I was forever marked by that horrible day. 
  Years passed and I grew up and I fell in love and my spouse had a cat named "Paris" that changed me in so many positive ways. When Paris left us in 1998 at 18 years of age it was if my inner being turned upside down inside my soul, if you will. Shortly after this I started a pet sitting business here in Birmingham. Then later I decided to try to go to college and I entered Vermont College as a distant student moving toward a BA. My first study was in animal bereavement. I wrote papers, did lots of reading, and the culmination was a film I made about "Paris' titled 'Quiet Footsteps". As time went by here in Birmingham in my pet sitting service I became more interested in the spiritual being of the pets I served than just the bottom dollar of the work. I learned of Chaplain Keith Brown in Georgia of Chaplain of Pets and I called him to pray for a beloved dog name Missy that I have dedicated my ministry to. My own minister wouldn't pray for her. She got better for two more years and so when Rev. Brown started a training program for the Chaplaincy of Pets I jumped at it. So my brothers and sisters this is just a short synopsis of who I am.  I care deeply about all animals and I care about your family.  I am here for you when you need me at no charge whatsoever.
Chaplain Marcus Allison
January, 2015.