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Chaplain Marcus Allison       Phone 205-637-1869
Ministry for animals and the people that love them.

Chaplain Marcus with Smokey who was healed after only one day from the Parvo virus!
Chaplain Marcus & Tuesday at The Alabama Animal Adoption Society where she was adopted after waiting for  over a year for a home!
Chaplain Marcus with his late friend Whitaker who is now in heaven!
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Chaplain Marcus offers the following services:

Jesus still works miracles! Never give up the faith!

All services are interfaith and respect each one's beliefs. They're are no charges for The Chaplain's services!
Prayers for animals that are hurting, sick, or that just needs a special touch from God. Chaplain Marcus will gladly visit the animals at the vet that are in need.Healing and Blessing services where upon Chaplain Marcus will gladly anoint with oil all animals that are gathered. The Chaplain will also gladly come to the home or the vet for one pet it doesn't need to be a group.
​Being present at the vet with both human and animal during the final transition is a service the chaplain feels very strongly lead by the spirit to offer. Grief support:Is another special call that the chaplain feels honored to offer. In Phone or in person, one to one, Chaplain Marcus is here for you and it is completely confidential.Celebration of life services:The chaplain doesn't like to call this a memorial service, but rather to emphasize the celebration into life everlasting, and the wonderful journey that the precious creature of our Lord has begun. To reverently recall the loved one's life here on earth. Chaplain will work with the human companion to fit the service to their needs. 
Offering prayers for one or more pets.  Grief support before and after the passing of your beloved companion.  Celebration of life service (memorial service). And more.
Please call the Chaplain @ 205-643-1883